1. Lettuce: You’re Doing It Wrong

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    April 3, 2013 by Frank Macri

    Icebergs weren’t great for the Titanic and they aren’t too great for your health either.

  2. Cereal: You’re Doing It Wrong


    March 16, 2013 by Frank Macri

    Did you know that one cup of most cereals has more sugar than three Chips Ahoy! cookies? Don’t be fooled by the fun shapes and neon colors of popular cereals – you’re basically eating a bowl of sugar with some milk. According to an Environmental Working Group report, you should think twice before flying away with Toucan Sam…

  3. Weight Loss Pills: You’re Doing It Wrong

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    March 8, 2012 by Frank Macri

    Quit searching for the “magic pill” to lose weight – it doesn’t exist. A recent study found that there is no research evidence that any weight loss supplement results in weight loss. In fact, such pills can actually have harmful health effects…

  4. Lasik: I did it!


    January 4, 2012 by Frank Macri

    Today was the first morning in 12 years I woke up not having to look for my glasses…

  5. Food Pyramids: You’re Doing It Wrong


    November 29, 2011 by Frank Macri

    Remember the Food Guide Pyramid from years ago? When I was a kid, I remember my health teachers insisted we eat more foods found at the bottom of the pyramid and less from the top. Unfortunately, nutritionists have found this 1992 pyramid design contains wrong dietary advice…

  6. Blueberries: YOU HAVE TO DO IT!


    November 26, 2011 by Frank Macri

    I don’t care what anyone says – blueberries are the secret to living until you’re 100 years old. People just don’t realize the power of blueberries (or as I like to call them, bluebs). Here’s a list of my top five health benefits of blueberries: